Conveying in a new dimension

With the world’s most powerful free-fall system G140 sets m-tec new standards in the charging of processing machines such as the mixing pump duo-mix.

The new free-fall conveying system G140 with optimized handling technology, allows pneumatic conveying from all premixed dry mortar products (interior and exterior plaster, and masonry mortar) over distances that were previously reserved for pressurized conveying systems.

The G140 also enthusiasm for easy maintenance. Thanks to the smart solution, there is no longer necessary to adjust manually the airflow depending on the product or the distance to transport.

The G140 will automatically detect how much airflow is required and adjusts it independently.

The performance, can be increased with an optional auxiliary compressor, enabling even heavy products can be transported over long distances.

The G140 replaces the time-consuming unloading, carrying, opening and emptying of bagged material because the material is transports through their closed system directly from the silo into the processing machine.

The G140 conveyor system is available in a portable version, a mobile trailer-mounted version or as a block conveyor system mounted on the silo.

G 140: added benefits

The many applications for dry bulk material and the compatibility with all standard mixing pumps or continuous mixers make it easy to work.

The smart solution enables fully automatic operation of the conveying system without manual adjustments. (plug and convey)

The use of an oil-free claw compressor increases service life and reduces the need for replacement parts.
We offer a 30-month warranty on the claw compressor.

G 140: Facts
Areas of use and applications
All dry mortars:

  • Gypsum plasters
  • Lime gypsum plasters
  • Cement plasters
  • Lime plasters
  • Lime cement plasters
  • Bulk materials
  • Aggregates
  • Powdered material
  • Masonry mortar


G140 G160
Compressor: approx.140m³/h approx. 160m³/h
Drive motor: 7,5 kW, 400V, 50Hz 9kW, 230/ 400V 60Hz
Electrical connection: 400V, 50 Hz, 3ph 230V, 60Hz, 1ph
Fuse: 25A 63A
Connecting cable: 5×4,0mm² 5×4,0mm²
Connector: 32A, 5p, 6h 63A 3pol 6h
Dimensions: H:650 / L:530 / W:1030 H:710 / l:640 / W:1130
Weight: 215kg 240kg

Pressure pot:

G140 G160
Silo connection: ND250 ND250
Rotary drive: 0,18kW, 400V, 50 Hz 0,18kW, 230V, 60Hz, 3ph
Dimensions: H:985 / W:685 / L:995 H:985 / L:685 / W:995
Weight: 125kg 125kg

Compact unit with Quick connection for rapid mounting on all current silos and containers
Scope of delivery
Pneumatic conveyor system incl. compressor and pressure pot

For details please contact us, your local sales representative or dealer
Recommended accessories:
All standard filter hoods, such as M300, duo-mix, …
Auxiliary compressor to increase performance

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