Solutions for practical and efficient mixing systems – planned and implemented from one single source!

m-tec has the strive to succeed with your goals of the right mixing solutions: innovative, practical and efficient mixing systems for batch and continuous operations for a wide variety of branches in the industry.

The attainment of the best mixing quality is always our prime concern.

m-tec batch mixers differ from each other in their discharge mechanisms. Thus, for example, the MS discharge mechanism is used for applications, where the discharge time and residue-free discharging are not of primordial importance. Depending on the size of the mixer, there is one or more high speed agitator. Whenever cycle time and efficiency matters, the m-tec single dump door mixer ME is used. The MR full open charger with residue-free discharge mixer was developed for products that require fast, residue-free discharging.

Continuous mixer MD is particularly suitable for continuous processes. Its area of application covers the mixing of dry, moist (< 5% humidity), powdered and granular bulk products of all kinds. m-tec mixers are heavy industry proofed and tested, as well as the highest and most consistent mixing quality in the shortest time, they also feature a long service life. The same applies to extreme mixing ratios of up to 1:100,000 or allows ingredients within the range of ppm.
m-tec mixers are available in utilized net volumes from 11 to 11,000 l.

Other sizes are available as requested. Depending on the area of application, the mixers are produced in steel, stainless steel, wear-resistant special steel or wear-resistant special steel liner.

Specially designed, separately driven high-speed tools (agitators) are installed when pigments, fibers and as well as difficult-to-disperse products (agglomerates) have to be mixed.

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