MR mixers are outstanding for their residue-free mixer discharge systems: The blended material of the mixer is discharged into an underhopper by means of two 50° discharge flaps that cover the entire length of the mixer. Only a very small percentage of residues are left in the mixer and with the optional available Automatic cleaning system this residue could be even reduced.

The simple, but technically sophisticated, design of the discharge system means that it is dust-proof and requires little maintenance. Faster mixer discharging saves cycle time and therefore energy and also considerably increases the capacity of the mixing installation. Another advantage: While the product is continuously discharged from the underhopper, the system can already start to mix the next batch.

MR type mixers are characterized by long-life mixer shaft seals, thanks to a specially developed sealing lip system. Additionally air gap seals could be provided.

Extremely short discharge times (approx. 5 s) thanks to fast opening speeds and the almost prevention of manual cleaning or cleaning batches thanks to full open charger with residue-free discharge

Relief for subsequent conveying mechanisms thanks to quasi-continuous production. This makes it possible to use smaller and in line conveying mechanisms.

Gentle mixing using special mixing blade geometry

Economic efficiency thanks to low power consumption -

Can handle almost any mixing task required with dry powders.

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